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“Beautiful replicas!”

I am a seasoned replica shopping enthusiast and have been disappointed on more than one occasion.  This was until I found Bagbella.ru.  The quality is unparalleled and customer service the best.

“Best money I have spent”

I bought a replica bag recently from you.  I was shocked.  The quality of the bag was equal to the authentic, and I cannot tell the difference!  I was pleased with the attention to detail and value for my hard earned money – these replica bags are not cheap.

I was apprehensive buying a replica bag.  I thought about it for a long time, read reviews and sent several emails before deciding to move forward.

I have already picked out my next bag purchase.

Communication and customer service was the best I have had in some time.  If I sent a email, I had a response within the day.  I requested pre-shipment pictures and received them with no question.  Everyone I had contact with was super friendly, helpful and trustworthy.  Thank you again!:)

“Stellar quality”

This was my first replica purchase.  I was very apprehensive because I sent the payment via Western Union.  I can only assume most people are like me and nervous about sending payments through Western Union.  Let me tell you – there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

“Superior Quality!!!”

I’m so pleased with my order!  The quality of the bag is amazing and arrived in perfect condition.  The shipping will take time, but I was able to follow the shipment from the time it left the factory to my house.  A consultant was always available to answer questions or give me an update.  If I sent an email, it was answered quickly and professionally.  Trust me on this – the wait is well worth it.:)

“Magnificent experience”

Before you go any further, I want you to know this is a real review from a real person.  I live outside of Perth, Western Australia.

I have heard stories about people attempting to purchase replica bags online and reporting a negative experience.  I decided to take the risk for myself and took the plunge.

It was one of the best decisions I could have made.

I now own a few different Gucci handbags.  The attention to detail is flawless.  No one I know can tell the difference between my bag and an authentic piece.

I was aware of the entire process of my bags from the time payment was received until it arrived at my home.

You can be assured that I WILL be shopping with them again.

Thank you again, Tracy

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