Group Buy

Are you a seasoned shopper?  Are you a member, group leader or admin for a Facebook group that focuses on fashion?  You may know or have met people like you who are interested in designer replica products and want to save their money to buy a high quality replica.  If this describes you, a Facebook group or people you know, keep reading about our Group Buy program.

What is group buy?

Wikipedia tells us Group Buying or Collective Buying offers products and services to customers at significantly reduced prices based on a minimum number of purchases from those customers.

To qualify for our Group Buy program, you and the rest of the buyers need to select an identical product or selection of the same products.  Contact us if you have questions about our Group Buy program.

How to join group buy?

If you are interested in starting in this business, here are our suggestions:

  1. Find and join a fashion niche community;
  2. Discuss and introduce products you believe there may be an interest in owning;
  3. Mention and ask them to become a part of the group buy program;
  4. Fill in the following form.