Whole Sale

Are you an established drop sales professional?  Have you amassed a list of customers and are thinking to expand?  You may want to consider changing to wholesale model instead of drop shipping.  We can explain to you what to expect as our wholesale partner.

If you have done drop shipping for a while, you may have a long list of customers, and now you may be interested to do wholesale business. To make it simple, we would explain what’s in it for you.

What is the difference between drop shipping and wholesale?  There are actually two things:

1. Drop shipping does not have a minimum order requirement or minimum of quantity – MOQ.  You can order single items, including single key holders.  Wholesale requires an MOQ.

2. Drop shipping does not have a discounted price.  Wholesale offers a discounted price.

Does drop shipping and wholesale have anything in common?  Yes; you can work full or part time.  You are not responsible for the order after payment is made.  You have our word that your customer will have a pleasurable shopping experience.

What is the discount price?  Here it is:

take $10 off for order over $200

take $40 off for order over $500

take $80 off for order over $1000

$1000+ per order, contact us directly.